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feminist-unfriendly writing

Murder is illegal, yet it isnt a crime to write about it; Sex is legal and it IS a crime to write about it. Explain that. - Larry Flynt

I can buy a six foot bong with Jerry Garcia's face carved into it or a magazine in which porn girls talk about illegal drugs wth their clothes ON, but I can't buy a magazine where porn girs talk about legal sex with their clothes off? - Russ W.

Erotica discusses the color of the wallpaper. Porn describes the cum sliding down the wallpaper. THIS is porn writing, baby. This journal is not for everyone. If you are under 18, you should look elsewhere, which probably means you'll ask to be my frend.

I am a functional, walking and talking, breathing and breeding sex/porn addict. Write what you know, they say. Ths is the world I know and this is where I write about it.